Cost effective means

Cost-effectiveness analysis (cea) is an alternative to cost-benefit analysis (cba) the technique compares the relative costs to the outcomes (effects) of two or more courses of action the technique compares the relative costs to the outcomes (effects) of two or more courses of action. First, let's be clear about what cost-effectiveness means in the simplest terms, it is the value of a preventive service -- the costs incurred as a result of that service divided by the health. Cost-effective something that is cost-effective saves or makes a lot of money in comparison with the costs involved adj the bank must be run in a cost-effective way. Applying this definition to cost-effective vs cost-efficient (and combining it with the business literature, especially accounting), my interpretation would be: cost-effective = sth generates or triggers costs, while something done in a cost-efficient way is something done the most economical way. Exhibits at technical conferences are an effective means of placing your message in front of potential customers better yet, you have the opportunity to engage interested customers right there in front of your product display.

Cost efficiency is a termed defined by the cambridge dictionary as a way of saving money, or of spending less money in other words, by looking at a problem or situation, what is the. Two hundred base-case cost-effectiveness estimates were analysed, 15% were cost saving (ie the intervention was more effective and cheaper than comparator) eighty-five per cent were cost-effective at a threshold of £20 000 per quality-adjusted life year and 89% at the higher threshold of £30 000. Long-acting reversible contraceptive (larc) methods of birth control, which include the intrauterine device and subdermal implant, are highly effective, very safe, preferable to women, and cost effective. What is another word for cost effective within your means more cost effective synonyms for more words similar to cost effective, try: synonyms for good.

Cost‐effectiveness analysis the use of formal analysis to assist decision makers in choosing from among competing alternatives, in situations of limited resources. Cost effective means of curbing maternal mortality it is no longer news that maternal mortality is a major public health issue especially in developing countries like nigeria maternal mortality. Cost-effective care nationally and locally, the rising cost of health care has become a major focal point for improving the overall economy at partners healthcare, we are committed to doing our part to avoid waste and unnecessary costs for our patients and for the nation's health care system.

Billboards are thought to be one of the most cost effective means of advertising, as a flat fee will present your ad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to everyone who drives by it. Even at current prices, drug innovation is a cost-effective means to curb cancer the pharmaceuticals industry has attracted heightened scrutiny from the media and politicians in the aftermath of a well-publicized scandal. Cost-effectiveness analysis cost-utility analysis clinical trials a form of economic analysis in which alternative interventions are compared in terms of the cost per unit of clinical effect-eg cost per life saved, per mm hg of lowered bp, per yr of quality-adjusted life gained, etc health care policy analysis related to the effectiveness of therapies or interventions and their associated costs. Definitions of cost-efficient 1 adj productive relative to the cost synonyms: cost-effective efficient being effective without wasting time or effort or expense.

Cost-effective show more related forms cost-ef i ien y, noun cost-ef i ient y, adverb dictionarycom unabridged based on the random house unabridged. The stages of cost effectiveness and containment: cost avoidance ‫:تفادى‬ it means not buying supplies, technology or services, the costs of them should be analyzed carefully and the least expensive and less effective items avoided cost reduction: it means spending less for goods and services, the amount of reduction depend on the. In international development / global aid programs, 'cost-effectiveness analysis' is a term given to comparing the relative costs of achieving the same outcome using different activities. Cost-effective definition, producing optimum results for the expenditure see more. This alternative definition can be derived from the more general formulation for cost effectiveness analysis: that is, the analysis of tradeoffs between monetary and nonmonetary (in this case health) effects.

Cost effective means

In this example, if the cost-effectiveness ratio were $35,000 per life-year gained, one would expect to gain one more life-year for each additional $35,000 that was spent testing children for hypercholesterolemia. Java content repositories allow companies to build cost-efficient, standards-based content solutions to access their most valuable assets - information about their specific business, its processes, products, customers and documents that previously resided in expensive, proprietary legacy repositories. As incost-effective as in economical relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the best matches based on how closely a synonym's sense matches the sense you selected. Dictionary entry overview: what does cost-effective mean • cost-effective (adjective) the adjective cost-effective has 1 sense: 1 productive relative to the cost familiarity information: cost-effective used as an adjective is very rare.

  • 65 11 efficiency or cost-effectiveness principles and norms definitions 111 efficiency is the extent to which the program has converted or is expected to convert its resources/inputs (such as funds, expertise.
  • 'this means thinking on your feet and finding the most cost-effective marketing medium for your product or service' 'they were seen as a cost-effective way of redressing the perceived lack of seed capital for such enterprises.

The formula to approximate effective cost is 2(f n)/(a (t + 1)) f equals total finance charges, n is the number of payments per year, a equals the total repayment amount and t is the total number of payments. The use of cost-effectiveness analysis within decision making processes in health is increasingly common globally however, a series of methodological shortcomings may limit the practical application of cost-effectiveness analysis results two examples of this are methodological differences between. Cost-effective managed care adjective referring to an intervention that is considered financially optimal if there is no other available intervention that offers a clinically appropriate benefit at a lower cost.

cost effective means A related term, effective cost per action (ecpa), is used to measure the effectiveness of advertising inventory purchased (by the advertiser) via a cost per click, cost per impression, or cost per thousand basis.
Cost effective means
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