A review of the movie twister

For those of you who forgot the movie's premise and/or have a hard time deciphering over-explanatory movie titles (ie volcano, anaconda, space jam), twister is a fun little flick about a ragtag hodgepodge of storm chasing ruffians who encounter a series of deadly tornadoes these storm chasers are lead by the two weather fanatics, helen. Twister, one of the most successful movies of the 90's, mainly due to it's special effects and a lot of people's want for a natural disaster movie that is fun to watch, this was an extremely popular movie. On may 10, 1996, warner bros unveiled the helen hunt and bill paxton disaster thriller twister in theaters the film went on to nab two oscar nominations, for sound and visual effects. By the end of the movie, we will have seen five, including a double twister (the sisters) and a dreaded level 5 tornado (the finger of god--no prizes for guessing which one) before they split up, bill and jo invented dorothy, which is a machine for studying tornadoes. And twister is not a lame movie it's got a terrific cast, hair-raising adventures, phillip seymour hoffman shenanigans, and, of course, twisters it's a great popcorn flick.

Twister is arguably the most popular weather movie ever made, and it sparked an interest in meteorology in both kids and adults alike while the movie is incredibly entertaining, it's also on some pretty solid ground when it comes to the science. Twister is peppered with bits of information about how to react if a tornado approaches, how dangerous the storms can be, etc despite these snippets of safety-conscious advice, the movie doesn't function as a public service announcement, nor should it. Twister is not a good movie, but if was fun to watch the plot was really boring and dumb, but so are most summer blockbusters like this the cast was okay, i had no complaibnts really, but i.

Review: it's hard to imagine a summer blockbuster with even less in the way of plot than jurassic park, but here it is bill (bill paxton) has abandoned the wild life of chasing tornadoes for a. Movie reviews for twister mrqe metric: see what the critics had to say and watch the trailer.

In twister a character explains how there is a suck zone right under a tornado's funnel with the movie's profits headed well into the land of six figures, i think that vacuum is positioned over our wallets. And for a movie that stars acts of god, this work of mortals provides surprisingly little liftoff the stuff that whips through the angry skies in twister is the most exciting part of the spectacle essentially, we're turned on by debris. I have loved the movie twister since my mom brought it home in 1996 when it came out on vhs i was 13 years old at the time and now, nearly 20 years later, i still love the movie just as much as i did then i learned of the twister museum about two years later, and have wanted to visit ever since.

A review of the movie twister

1-16 of 267 results for twister movie click try in your search results to watch thousands of movies and tv shows at no additional cost with an amazon prime membership showing selected results. Twister is a lot of fun to watch if you like realistic thrillers it is also emotional i love that it's action packed and full of adventure jo (helen hunt) and her ex-husband bill (bill paxton) still have a thing for each other, but bill is engaged to a reproductive therapist who comes along for a few rides. With no reviews and a goofy premise that's like hard rain meets twister, minus the likes of christian slater or bill paxton mugging it up, the forecast calls for very light showers at the ticket.

  • This is a must visit if you are a fan of the movie linda who runs the museum is not only incredibly kind but knows her twister history she took the time to take us around the entire museum and tell us stories behind all of the memorabilia.
  • Parents need to know that twister is a 1996 movie about the dangers and exhilaration of pursuing tornadoes on the oklahoma plains and the types of personalities attracted to the endeavor.
  • In this case the movie is really as good as the book, for it is the screenplay so it did not at all vary this version is the original screenplay of the movie twister having read this before watching the film, it confirms that a person's imagination truly knows no bounds.

Twister is the latest special-effects disaster movie to blow into town it is a showdown movie about two competing scientific teams racing to analyze the big one so they can design a system to better predict tornadoes. Today i bring you a review of the very entertaining 1996 flick twister twister is a 1996 american disaster drama film starring helen hunt and bill paxton as storm chasers researching tornadoes. The first film is an eye-popping, jaw-dropping action/adventure, a study of tornadoes and the carnage they create wherever they land a story of two maverick stormchasers who try to launch a data-gathering probe into the heart of one of these twisters and risk life and limb in doing so. Twister is a fantastic movie about a group of friends obsessed with hunting tornados the special effects are incredible, really creating a lot of spectacle and suspense for the viewer.

a review of the movie twister Twister is a disaster movie - houses collapse, cows fly, death looms - but a strange one where the victims are not unwittingly forced to face death, but, rather happily almost drunkenly imperil. a review of the movie twister Twister is a disaster movie - houses collapse, cows fly, death looms - but a strange one where the victims are not unwittingly forced to face death, but, rather happily almost drunkenly imperil.
A review of the movie twister
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